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Trimming Your Hair Using Buzzer


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Using a buzzer to cut the hair is a simple process that can be done just be sitting at home without the help of a hairstylist. This hairstyle is very simple where the hair will be cut almost short which will give a bald look. Start the styling after washing the hair to achieve this look without any trouble. Always cut the hair against its growth direction and try to create short swipes for cutting it against the grain.
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Before starting the cutting process, use Guard 3 on the buzzer and keep it flat on the forehead. Then slide the buzzer straight back across the hair near the crown of the head. Use the same motion on different places all over the forehead and do the same on top of the head as well. Now take Guard 2 with the buzzer to keep it just at bottom of your sideburns and move it to the side of the head till you reach the top section. Use this motion around the head. Keep the buzzer over the lines where top meets the side cuts. Gently move it back as well as forth on the same line to blend the two parts together. At last take Guard 1 in the buzzer and place it next to your ear to cut hair around it. Use the same guard for cutting the hair on the hairline at the side as well as back of the head.

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