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Crochet Braid Ponytail


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Crochet braid ponytail is the best way to style the hair to get a new look. Most of the people will create a crochet braid with the help of hair extensions and they can make it more unique by putting it into a ponytail. Crochet braids will be sewed in the sections of textured braids over the base of your scalp and it is considered to be the best choice for wearing along with a fragile hair. Stay away from heating tools while creating this hairstyle to avoid damage to the extensions.
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Try to get an idea about creating the crochet braid which are normally sewn into the existing cornrow braids on your scalp and there will be empty spaces in between the sections of your hair. Decide about creating the ponytail with the crochet braid which can be useful in preventing the spaces in between the crochet braid sections. Keep a mirror to use it as a guide while taking the crochet braids out of your face to make a ponytail. Look at all sides on your head and make sure that there are no spaces in between the braided sections. Now you can pull all the braids through your ponytail holder to secure it with the braids. The crochet braids will be sturdier and also cause less damage to your original hair. But you must do unnecessary tugging to make it loose as it can make the underlying hair to get damaged.

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