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Dealing With Straight Fried Hair


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Straightening hair can give a very much sleek and straight look, but it can also make the hair to get fried due to the heat produced by the hairstyling tools. The damage caused due to straightening will be split ends, frizz and even hair loss. Styling a straightened hair is very easy even if it is damaged due to various reasons.
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Begin the styling by cutting the damaged ends in your hair by going to a saloon or you can also do this at home. Use lukewarm water to wash the hair using a sulfate-free shampoo and keep it slightly dampen. Try to rinse your hair and use deep conditioner for about ten minutes. Now you must rinse the hair conditioner using lukewarm water and dry the hair with the help of a towel. Use a leave-in conditioner on the hair and distribute it evenly throughout the hair. Leave the hair to dry on its own or use a blow dryer only for few minutes if needed with medium heat. Always use an alcohol-free styling hair product which will be helpful in styling the hair as per your desire and keep it in place for a long time. Never use curling irons, curlers and even a straightening iron to style the hair if your feeling uncomfortable to use these tools. You can create curly hairstyle using Velcro rollers which is one of the best way to style the hair without using heat.

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