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Get Blonde Hair Without Using Colors


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There are different ways that is used to change the color of the hair and most of the people use hair colors for achieving it. Most of the people would like to change their hair color to blonde, but they may think using a chemical color on the hair can cause damage to the hair which is really true. There are few things that can be used to change the hair into blonde without using any hair color.
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The first option is using a lemon juice to change the hair into blonde color by applying it on the hair and leaving it on for about half an hour. Follow this treatment at least one time in a week to get the best result. Another option is rinsing the hair using chamomile-infused water by mixing it along with water. Make the mixture to boil and strain chamomile herbs for 30 minutes before using it for the rinsing purpose. The third option is using henna powder by mixing it along with chamomile-infused water and apply it on the hair. Leave the mixture on your hair for about two hours and rinse it fully. The last option is mixing lemon along with chamomile for changing the hair color to blonde. Take 2 tbsp chamomile herbs along with fresh lemon juice and boil it for about 10 minutes. Apply it over the hair and leave it for about 15 minutes to achieve the blonde looking hair.

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