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Methods To Use Clipper-Over-Comb


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There are various haircuts that can be created by going to a saloon and sometimes it can be achieved even at home. One of the techniques used by many is clipper-over-comb which is a perfect choice for sides and bottom of the hair near your neck. It is important to follow few simple procedures while using this method. In this method the comb plays an important role as it will help to determine the length of the hair that will be cut.
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Before beginning the cutting, make sure that the hair is completely dry. Next take the comb in your left hand to lift vertical parts in your hair straight out of the scalp. Take the clipper in your right hand to cut the hair at the bottom in between teeth of the comb. Move the clipper over the comb to get rid of hairs that come out of the comb. You can also taper your hair by keeping the bottom hair short and top section long by angling the comb. Continue the cutting process in a vertical section all around your head from bottom of hairline till you reach bottom hair. You can just use the already cut hair as a guide to remove the remaining hair on your head. Try to take few hair that has been already cut along with the uncut hair to know how to keep the comb for the next cut and do the haircut gently.

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