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Steps To Make Tight Cornrows Loose


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Creating cornrows in the hair can give really an amazing look, but sometimes it may hurt your hair of your make it too tight. Cornrows are usually created to get a flat hairstyle that will lie against your scalp. It is not so easy to loosen the tight cornrows fully because you have to adjust your hairstyle to do this.
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First wash the hair with hot water which can loosen the cornrows a little bit. Try to get hot shower after taking a bath which will make the cornrows to become loose very soon. You can also loosen the cornrows with the help of a comb by going below the braid closest to your scalp and pulling it gently. Don’t over pull the braid as it can remove the cornrows completely. Try to tug the hair than just pulling it with the comb to keep the hairstyle intact for a long time. Another option is misting the cornrows with conditioner spray which will help to keep the moisturized and massage a little amount of light oil on the scalp. Avoid using leave-in conditioner on the hair as it will make the braids loose very soon and you have to redo it again. Always wear a silk scarf before going to sleep to keep the cornrows in place for a long time. Most of the time cornrows can stay on your head for about 5-6 weeks, but using a leave-in conditioner can make it last only for a week.

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