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Curly Synthetic Ponytail


curly synthetic ponytail curly synthetic ponytail2
Curly synthetic ponytail is a perfect way to add more volume in your hair and it can also give a completely natural look. It can help to make the short hair look long without using any special styling methods. You can get this look by using two different tools such as a curling iron and sponge rollers. But make sure that you are good at using these tools before using them on your hair. Just use this technique for creating this style at home.
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Begin the styling with a fully cleaned synthetic hair and remove the tangles by brushing it gently. Next mist the hair with a curling spray before using the curling iron to prevent any damage in your hair. Start curling each piece of the hair by pulling it individually into one inch section. You can just clamp the hair in the curling iron and roll barrel towards top of your synthetic ponytail by simply wrapping it around barrel. Keep the hair in the barrel for about one minute and do the same with the other sections of your hair. You can also sponge roll hair sections and leave the hair in it overnight to create bouncy curls. At last use a hairspray to mist the curls and use your fingers to brush through the curls to create a much softer look. You can wash the ponytail after using it for some time to avoid unnecessary product buildup in it.

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