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Highlighting Hair Without Brassiness


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Highlighting hair can give a great look, but sometimes you may find a little brassiness in the hair. It usually occurs as the coloring kit features bleach that can leave unnatural yellow tones in your hair. You can control this by using a blue or purple base along with a toner after highlighting the hair to get the natural shade. It is important to do a strand test before using the color on your hair.
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First cover your shoulders with a cloth and mix the developer and color powder in a bowl. Then apply the mixture on the hair from front of the hair with long strokes. You can highlight the hair one inch thick and keep it away from your scalp. Use the same technique till you cover the entire strands of the hair and leave it for about one hour before rinsing the hair using warm water. Try to wash the hair using color-safe shampoo and use the conditioner provided along with the coloring kit. Now you must mix two parts of volume developer and one part of toner. Start applying this mixture on the hair using a coloring brush with long strokes and make sure to cover the entire highlighted part of the hair. Leave the mixture on your hair for about ten minutes and rinse the hair again using warm water. Then use the conditioner on the hair and leave it on for about 5 minutes before rinsing the hair once again.

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