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Methods To Achieve A Nappy Hair


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Having a nappy hair is considered to be difficult to maintain by many of them and there are only few who consider it to give a trendy look. There are few things that are important to follow while making this hair look glamorous or you may end with a bad hair day. Creating a nappy hair is not so much difficult than it actually seem. It is very important to tease the hair with a teasing comb to achieve this look perfectly.
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First use a volumizing hair gel all over your damp hair from root till the end. Roll your hair with medium-sized curlers and leave it on till the hair gets fully dry. Avoid using a blow dryer during this process as it can make the hair to tangle. You can also leave the hair in the curlers overnight for getting additional volume. After the hair becomes dry take it out of the curlers and mist it with a volumizing hairspray by bending your head upside down. Now take a teasing hair comb for brushing the hair at the roots to add lift. Teasing the hair can take more time depending upon the thickness and length of the hair. Try to style the hair with extra care after achieving the nappy look by creating a loose ponytail which can help to keep it in place. You can also leave the teased hair on top of your head to create a loose side ponytail.

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