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Side Braid With Short Hair


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Creating side braid is only possible if you have a lengthy hair, but there are few steps that can be used for achieving this look with short hair. Before starting this hairstyle try to grow your hair at least medium-length which must come till middle of the neck. This hairstyle is very popular among many celebrities as they wear it for special occasions. There is another option that can be used to achieve this look and it is by using a hair extension. But it cannot stay on your head for a long time and you must also follow few additional steps to do this. You can also make this hairstyle look a little messy to get a natural look.
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Start the braiding process by brushing the hair to a side of the head and leave the bangs as it is. Then mist the hair with texture hairspray and take the entire hair at one side of the head. Use the hands to make the hair smooth on top of the head and divide the hair into three different parts. Now take all the three parts of hair for creating a three strand braid which is normally done by weaving the hair around each other. Secure the end of your hair by using elastic hair tie and take the strands at the end to push it toward your scalp. Use his method at least three times to make the hair look a little chunky.

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