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Treating Cowlicks In Straight Hair Tufts


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Hair tufts are patch hair that usually grows completely in different direction and mostly often it will stick out straight like a cowlick. It is very less found in the straightened hair, but it can be easily controlled by following few simple procedures. Hair tufts which come out of the straight hair will be seen at the crown and sometimes in the hairline. Most of the people will use a blow dryer to control the hair tufts, but it can make it flat only for few hours. There are different ways you can control the cowlicks in a straight hair and here are few among them.
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First apply a hair gel or a mousse in your hand and start using it over the roots of hair tufts. Try to use the product on the hair as per your natural direction of the hair. Another option is growing the hair long if it occurs at the neck. You can cut the hair short to make the hair tufts lay completely flat against the back of the neck. In case these things fail go to a hair specialist to cut the hair as per your desire and control the cowlicks. The last and final option is purchasing electrolysis which can help to get rid of hair with electric current on the root. There are also other treatments that can be used for treating the unruly hair tufts which can be very much effective, but they can be costlier.

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