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Bleaching Hair Using Hydrogen Peroxide


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Hydrogen peroxide is the best choice when you want to bleach the hair really quick without spending too much money. Most of them prefer a hairstylist when they want to bleach their hair, but you can do the same with the help of hydrogen peroxide. Try to get some practice of bleaching the hair by going to a hairstylist before using hydrogen peroxide for this process as it must be used in a proper way to prevent hair damage.
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Begin the bleaching process on an unwashed hair and brush it neatly to remove the knots. Then separate the hair as different sections keep it in place using claw clips. Add the hydrogen peroxide solution in a bottle and mist it all over the hair. Leave the spray on your hair for about fifteen minutes and wash the hair as usual before conditioning it. Use a blow dryer on the hair to look at the result. Now you can highlight the hair using the cotton ball which is saturated with the hydrogen peroxide. Use this process on other parts of your hair and leave your highlight section for around fifteen minutes. Then wash the hair again and condition it normally as did earlier before using the blow dryer. You must use the same technique for bleaching the hair after two days and this time avoid using the hydrogen peroxide on the hair as it can make the hair to break off very easily.

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