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Curly Hairstyle With Straight Weave


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Making a straight weave to look curly can take some time if you do this at home. Many women will go to a hairstylist to create the curly look with a straight weave. Hair weaves are usually worn by many to change the way they look without using their natural hair for styling. You can get this look with the help of a curling iron than going to a hair specialist. Before using the synthetic weaves along with the natural hair try to read the instructions mentioned in it. Using too much heat on the synthetic weaves can burn it by causing damage permanently. Try to get good quality weaves as they can sustain heat and low quality hair weaves may fall apart while using the curling iron.
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First brush the hair weave using wide-tooth hair brush to take out the tangles if any. Then use a heat protectant hair serum over the weave to add the moisture and prevent damage. Heat the curling iron with low setting and divide the hair as various parts. Secure each of them separately with hair clips. Start curling the hair weave using the curling iron with low heat and try to use over each sections not more than two times. Using more than once on the hair can make it damaged and also avoid using it on the scalp. After covering all the sections of hair with the curling iron use your fingers to shake it gently.

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