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Coontail Bangs


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Coontail bangs can add more style in your hair and it is a very unique way of creating the hairstyle. It can be achieved using two hair colors by applying it on separate applications. The coontail bangs can be created thick or thin depending upon the hairstyle you are planning to achieve.
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Before beginning your hair coloring process try to get two hair colors from the store which will be used on the bangs. The two colors must be vivid or subtle depending upon your choice. Then pull the hair to create a simple ponytail at the back of the head and make sure that the bangs are separated from the ponytail. Mix the first color as per the instructions on the kit and apply it over the bangs. You must apply the color only over the surface of your hair and try to leave gap in between the stripes to use the second color. Leave your hair with the color for the time mentioned on the kit and rinse the hair completely. Make the hair to dry on its own before using the second color. Now you can mix second color to use it on the gap that was left in between the first color. Use the same method that was used while applying the first color and try to condition the bangs as usual. Once the hair becomes fully dry you can style it as per your wish without spending more time.

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