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Creating Waves Without Using Wave Gel


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Hair waves are normally created using a wave gel to make it look perfect, but there are few methods that can helpful in achieving this look without using a wave gel. Some of them also use waving iron to create the quick waves in the hair and other use the braid technique for creating the simple waves. Here are two different ways that can be followed to achieve the waves in your hair.
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First use the braid technique that can be down after using leave-in conditioner on the hair when it is damp. Next part your hair straight from the middle and pull a small part from the front to create a simple braid. Use the same method on the other side of the head and braid the left out sections just like this. Leave the hair with the braid overnight and remove it in the next morning to find natural waves throughout the hair. While using the wave iron first dry your hair after washing it as usual. Use your hair to clamp it with the wave iron close to the roots and keep it in place for about five seconds. Use this technique to clamp other parts of the hair to create waves all over. At last use a finishing spray to mist all over the waves to end the styling. Give extra attention while styling the hair with the help of wave iron and stay away from the scalp.

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