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Hairstyle With Brown Lowlights


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Adding brown lowlights in the hair can give a new look and it can be done on any type of hair. Most of the women like to change their look whenever possible and this hairstyle is suitable for them. You can easily add brown lowlights in your hair without going to a saloon.
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Lowlighting the hair is very much similar to the highlighting, but here you will be adding a little light color than your original hair color. Get a brown lowlighting package from a beauty stores and make sure that it features a cap, rubber gloves, hair wand and hair color. Then place a waste cloth on the shoulder and wear gloves to start the coloring process. Brush the hair to make it tangle free and keep the cap over the head. You will find sections pre-mapped in the cap that can be used for the low lighting. Use the hook end to wand in one hole of the cap and circle it to take a section of the hair out. Use this technique all over the cap and try to create the same look throughout the head. Start using lowlight mixture on the hair that was pulled out of the cap and leave it on for about half an hour before rinsing the hair using warm water. At last use a moisturizing conditioner all over the hair which was provided along with the styling kit and rinse the hair again.

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