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Straight Hair And Beach Waves


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Creating beach waves in the hair can give a great look and it can be easily created if you have a naturally wavy hair. In case you have a straight hair there are few simple ways that can be followed this beach look. You can easily create the beach waves in the hair using a ponytail holder in an overnight. This style can be worn for a casual event and especially when you are planning to leave the hair loose.
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Start your hairstyling with a cleanly washed hair and try to condition it for about 20 minutes. Then dry the hair using a towel and brush it completely to get rid of the tangles. Now you must separate the hair as two individual parts across your crown of the head from one ear to another ear. Next use a lotion on the hair and brush it gently to create a loose ponytail. Try to wrap your ponytail around a scrunchy to create a chignon and then tuck the end of your hair using a hair pin. Mist the hair with an oil to make it shiny and cover the hair using a scarf to leave it overnight. In the next morning, try to take out the ponytails and brush the hair with the help of your fingers and avoid using a comb. If required, you can also use a curling iron in the morning to direct the waves as per your desire.

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