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Styling Short Tendrils


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Having short tendrils in the hair can give an amazing look that can be suitable for a special occasion. You can create a great look by curling the tendrils that are short. There are many women who create this look and match it with a proper dress. You can use a curling iron to curl the short tendrils and make sure to set it with proper settings. Also be careful while using the curling iron as it can become too hot that can cause damage the hair very easily.
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First use a curling iron that is suitable for your hair type and you must use 3/8 inch barrel for creating the short curls in the tendrils. Go through the instructions mentioned on the curling iron Try to heat the curling iron only before you would like to use it on the hair to make it perform better. After curling the hair avoid using a spray as it can make your short hair look messy. Now take the curling iron to hold the tendrils and slide it from top to bottom of the hair. Keep the curling iron away from the scalp and leave it on the hair for about ten seconds. Try to take the hair from the curling iron very gently and leave it to fall its own. Use the same method of curling all the tendrils on your head and finally mist it with a spray to keep the curls in place.

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