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Straightening Hair With Doobie Wrap


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Most of the African American people will try to straighten hair using a doobie wrap which is specially designed for keeping hair straight without using any special tools. Using a roller-setting your hair and wrapping the hair around your head with the doobie wrap can prevents stress making the hair look soft. It is important to use lot of hair pins to keep the hair in place and wrap strips for securing the wrap in place for more time.
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Begin the styling by washing the hair and brush it with wide tooth hair comb. Use a roller to set the hair from front to end of the comb. Comb through each section and stretch the hair to put roller over the ends by simply wrapping it over. Roll your hair till the scalp and keep your hair stretched to go into the hair roller gently. Use hooded dryer with medium-high setting to dry the hair and then apply a wrapping lotion all over the hair. Use the wide tooth comb to brush the hair to make the wrapping lotion to spread throughout the hair. Divide the hair as four parts and brush it using a paddle brush. Try to smoothen the hair to make it straight as possible. After the hair has been fully wrapped around the head similar to a beehive, secure it using big hair clips. Those who have short hair must use more pins to keep it in place.

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