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Creating Pincurls With Short Hair


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Short hair can be very difficult to style as per your desire and if you are planning to curl them just do it using an iron or a roller. One of the best way for curling short hair is using pincurls. This method will be helpful in shaping your hair as small circles over the scalp.
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Start by conditioning the hair after washing it using a shampoo and dry it naturally. Then use a styling mousse throughout your hair to keep the curls in its original shape. Brush the hair into small parts and wrap each of them around the finger. Try to do a full circle in your finger with the hair strand and if the hair is longer do a second circle. After curling the hair sections all over the head keep them in place using salon clip and never use bobby pins for keeping the hairstyle in place as they can spoil the entire look. Leave the curls to dry on its own which can be about 1-2 hours depending upon the length of the hair. You can also leave the curls in the salon clip overnight to make the curls last for a longer time. Next you must remove the clips from each section of the hair gently on by one using your fingers and tousle the curls to make them loose. End the styling after misting the hair with a spray to keep the curls in its own place.

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