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Hair Curls With Foam Rollers


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Foam rollers are used by most of the people to create curls in their hair. You will be able to get a minimal damage to your hair while styling it with the foam rollers as it is very gentle as well as much more easy to use it. This tool is a perfect choice while styling your kids hair as it won’t make the hair to fall apart just like other rollers. Make sure to dry the hair completely before using the rollers and avoid rolling it over the bar which holds foam.
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Brush the hair to take out the tangles after washing and conditioning it. Roll the hair section in the foam roller from down and move towards the head. Try to roll one small section at a time from center front of your head and move at the back. Leave the rollers on the hair overnight and you may feel a little uncomfortable while sleeping, but they can be much softer when compared to the brush rollers. Take the rollers out the hair sections in the morning with the help of your hands. Pulling small strands that have been twisted in roller clamp can be difficult to take out, but you must do it very gently without putting any pressure. The same method can be used on different sections of the hair and it can be made to last for a long time by covering the hair with a scarf while sleeping.

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