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Steps To Remove Afro Shrinkage


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Having a afro hair can be very difficult to manage and most of the women will try to follow various styling methods to control this hair type. Using lot of chemicals can be harmful to the hair and they would cause shrinkage to your afro hair. Here are few things that can be useful to prevent the afro shrinkage. Use a texturizer on the hair after treating it chemically for creating curls and this will make it more manageable.
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Brush the hair with a comb and divide it into sections. Secure each part individually and mist it with water. Try to twist the hair and avoid getting it saturated as it can cause shrinkage. Leave the hair to dry on its own overnight and untwist it in the morning. You must also blow dry the hair and stretch it using your hands. Keep the blow dryer away from the scalp as it can be harmful to the hair. Moisturize your hair on daily basis by using natural oils including avocado butter to get defined curls. Set the hair in rollers after dividing it into parts and add a setting lotion before leaving it overnight. In the next morning style the hair using your fingers to keep the afro shape in place. Always cover the hair using satin bonnet which will help to keep the hair from getting matted. Mist the hair with leave-in conditioner and use lot of oil in the hair.

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