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Styling Hair Like Kate Gosselin


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Kate Gosselin has been wearing different hairstyles for various occasions. This hairstyle can be worn for various events depending upon the length of the hair. There are also other celebrities who have been spotted with same type of hairstyle. It is very easy to achieve her look without going to a hair specialist and make sure that you have all the styling equipments before starting the styling process at home. You can also get support from anyone if you are doing this for the first time to avoid difficulty while styling the hair.
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To get Kate Gosselin hair, you must start the styling by cutting the hair in the front like a chunky bob and keep one side of the hair in the front shorter when compared to the other side. The hair in the both sides will be cut into a bob style to frame your face. Make sure that the bob reached about halfway point on both the side of your scalp. Try to cut the hair at the back in punk style by starting from the crown of the head. Keep the hair at the back a little bit shorter, but make sure that it will lay down on its without any adjustments. Try to keep the haircut as simple as possible and it must look trendy as well as sassy. In case you are not comfortable with the bob just secure it on top of the head using bobby pins.

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