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Deep Conditioning Afro Hair


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Afro hair needs regular conditioning similar to other types of hair, some of them will use deep conditioning method to make this hairstyle look good. Deep conditioning is very important for the afro hair as it will be dry as well as delicate. Avoid washing the afro hair on regular basis to keep the natural oil in it.
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Use shampoos to wash the hair which is made specially made for your hair type and condition it at least one time during the week. Use oils like rosemary and lavender for conditioning the hair. Even though these oils are very expensive they can make your hair look shiny. Add a little amount of oil on the hair before styling it as usual. Try to heat little amount of extra virgin olive oil before applying it over the hair and leave it for about 30 minutes. Use blow dryer for drying the hair after rinsing it properly before applying the extra virgin olive or you can also use it on an unwashed hair for better results. Get a deep conditioning treatment at least once in a month by mixing conditioner, honey and coconut milk in a bowl. Make sure that the mixture becomes thick before using it on the hair and leave it on for around 45 minutes by covering it using a shower cap. Then wash the hair and leave it to dry on its own without using any type of heating tools.

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