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Vanessa Hudgens Sassy Waves


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Vanessa Hudgens has been seen with different hairstyle and the most worn style by her is the sassy waves. This hairstyle is very simple to create that can be worn for a normal or even a special event. There is no need for using any special techniques to achieve this look as it can be done at home without anyone. The length of the hair must be at least more than your shoulder to create this style. Make sure to wash the hair and dry it fully few hours before starting the hairstyling as they can be helpful in achieving this look very easily.
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Begin the hairstyling with a clean hair after fully washing it and drying with a blow dryer. Then brush it completely and use heat protection cream all over. Take the entire hair to divide it into two parts to create two ponytails one after another at the back of the head. Take the end of small part of your hair about 2 inches wide and use the flat iron to run it down this section till the end. Next twist it about three times and pull it till the ends before releasing it. Mist this part of your hair with a spray and take the next section to do the same. Once the hair becomes cool brush it using your fingers after flipping the hair over. Leave the waves to fall on their own and mist it with a spray once again.

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