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Prevent Gray Hair Looking Blue


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Most of the older people will get their hair blue rinsed to make it look snowy white than the normal yellowish color. As they get much older the hair will change its color into blue hair. Some of them will leave the hair as it is, for other who want to avoid this problem can just use the following method. The hair may look blue sometimes only for your eyes so consult a hairstylist and try to believe what they say.
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The most important thing to follow in this technique always color the hair by going to saloon with the help of a hairstylist. In case the hair looks more yellowish, the hairstylist can make it look bright white. Stay away from environmental factors which can cause yellow hair. There are many things such as smoke and pollution that can change the color of your hair. You can wash the hair using clarifying shampoo without going for blue rinse. Use hair products that are preferred by hair specialist as there are few styling products that can cause yellow hair. Always use silicone based hair products for removing the yellow color from your hair and it can also make the hair look shiny. Get a silver rinse than going for the blue rinse and lavender rinse can also be a perfect choice for your hair. Go to a hair specialist to add silver highlights over the hair and adding cool undertones can also work sometime.

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