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Taking Care Of Bad Bangs


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Bad bangs can give a hard time for most of the people who fail to style it in a proper way. The bangs are normally worn in a visible area that cannot be avoided and you have to wait for a long time to make the bangs grow longer for styling them again with a proper method. There are few things that can be done if you have bad bangs for making it less visible.
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If you have short hair, first dry the hair after washing it and add a gel in the hand to apply it over the hair from end to root. Now pull the bangs by applying the hair gel in your palm and rub it over the ends of the bangs. Use flat clip for sliding into your bangs and keep it off to a side to hold the short bangs properly in its place. Take a blow dryer to dry your bangs with low setting and try to fluff the hair ends using your fingers. For those who have medium to long hair, first style the hair with the help of an iron that can be either flat or curling. Try to apply a mousse on the bangs to make it smooth and use a wide headband over the head. Take the headband over the front of your head and slide it over the bangs. This is the simplest way of hiding your bangs under the headband.

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