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Treating Hair With Homemade Protein


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Giving a protein treatment to the hair can make it look healthier and stronger than the hair actually is. There are many ways you can get a protein treatment for your hair, but some of them may be harmful for them. Here are few steps that can be followed to treating the hair with a homemade protein.
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First clean your hair by washing it fully and use moisturizing shampoo for better results. Dry the hair without using any type of heating tools as they can change the look of the hair completely. Then take a conditioner in the bowl and mix it with an egg and olive oil. Make sure that all the ingredients mix evenly in the bowl and separate the hair into various sections. Start applying the mixture on the strands of hair and leave it for setting for around 15 minutes. Now you can rinse your hair using cool water and avoid using hot water. Next use moisturizing conditioner on the hair and cover it with a plastic cap which will help to add healthy balance and moisture to the hair. Leave it on for about 15 minutes before rinsing the hair normally. Try to dry the hair as per your desire using a towel and now the hair will get a healthier look. Applying the moisturizing conditioner in very important in this entire process as it can help to add structure to your hair making it look strong.

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