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Using Vaseline For Creating Waves


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Creating waves in your hair is not so easy as it looks as it involves lot of training. Anyone can create waves in their hair, but making it look perfect is not easy. There are different ways you can style the hair to make it look wavy and it can also be done using Vaseline.
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You must have a healthy hair and scalp to start the styling process and then get a wave training hair product such as Vaseline, wave brush as well as wave cap. There is no need to use hair pomade or hair gel on your hair as the Vaseline can do the same what these products do. Then brush the hair using a soft bristle brush in front of the forehead, sides and at nape of the neck. Now use the Vaseline all over the hair and wear a wave cap. You must be brushing the hair at least 2-3 days before starting the styling which will be helpful during the styling process. Avoid using too much of Vaseline on the hair as it can make it look oily. Get regular haircuts and clean the hair carefully to add the curl pattern in the hair. You can use this technique till the hair stars to get its wavy look. Brushing the hair is a very important in this styling and the hair will look wavy depending upon the brushing. Use hard brush for brushing courser hair and soft to medium brush for curly hair.

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