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Hairstyle With Straight Cornrows


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Straight cornrows are one of the most worn hairstyle among many women all over the world and it is also known to be a very low maintenance style. It is also very easy to achieve this look without using high quality tools. Try to add more texture in the hair which will be useful in keeping your hair far from the part and if you have a thin hair it can make it more difficult during the styling process. Purchase all the styling tools before starting the styling process if it is not available at home such as wide tooth hair comb, serum and ponytail holder.
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First moisturize the hair by applying a serum and make sure that it gets distributed evenly all over the hair. Divide a small part of hair for braiding and keep the rest of hair in place using ponytail holder. Make another part with the help of rat tail comb and try to keep it straight and keep one section of the hair to make part straight from the front of your hairline back to the nape of your neck. Make sure the part is straight and take another part front of the hairline at nape of the neck. Start braiding the part of hair which was divided and continue to part the hair in the same way to make the cornrow. Use the same technique for creating the cornrows on the entire section of your hair.

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