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Layered Crop Haircut


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Layered crop can be a great hairstyle for those who want to keep their hair short. It is a perfect hairstyle for summer and especially for those who have a thick hair. You can easily achieve this hairstyle without getting help from a hair specialist and with the help of few styling tools, but you must assist from your friend. Get some practice before starting the cutting process because once the hair is cut you must wait for a long time to make it grow to its original length. Go through the photos of celebrities who have this hairstyle to make sure what type of cut you can do with your hair.
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First cover your shoulders using a cloth and keep the stray hairs from falling on your body. Then rinse the hair and start cutting the layers of hair that is under to make the hair look soft. Look at the hair around your face to look for taper and texture and try to make it soft. Use a root booster on the hair and try to blow dry it completely achieve the soft look. Now you can take out the smock from your hair and shake the hair as per your desire. The best way to get this haircut is by going to a saloon as the hairstylist will known better to do this cut. The hairstylist can create this hairstyle within minutes, but you must be ready to spend some money.

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