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Purple Hair Color


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Hair can be colored in different ways to get a completely unique look and you can use purple color to make the hairstyle look new. There are various companies that offer purple hair coloring product that can be used to achieve this new look and give addition care while applying it on the hair. Make sure to read all the instructions on the coloring kit before using it on your natural hair. Each purple color will have its own directions to use it on the hair and make sure to follow it carefully and never use it on kid’s hair as they can be harmful to them.
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Before starting the styling process first do a strand test using the purple color. Leave the hair strand with the purple color for at least a day to see if you find any irritation on the scalp. This can help to check the color you will be getting on the hair before using it on your entire head. Make sure to wear hand gloves while applying the color on your hair. Spread a petroleum jelly on the hairline to keep the color away from your skin. Place a waste cloth around the shoulders before starting the process and mix the color as per the instructions on the coloring kit. Cover the hair with shower cap to leave the hair for processing. Keep the purple hair color away from your eyebrows as they cause damage to your eyes.

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