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Caring For Straight Hair Ends After Perm


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Having straight hair ends after the perm can be very much frustrating as the hair will not fall as per your desire. The hair texture will make it much more difficult for styling which will become unmanageable. There are some ways that can be used while dealing with straight hair ends. There are no special ways for removing relaxer after it has been used on the hair, but you can make it change your look completely. Most of the hairstylist will follow few special ways for treating the straight hair ends, but it can be done at home by following these steps.
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First cut the hair ends that are straight to get your curly transition back. The amount of hair that is cut will depend on the hair growth that you have and if you like to have one inch then continue with the haircut on the remaining straight portion. Create a ponytail as well as braids with your hair and tuck straight ends just under the elastic bands. You can create other hairstyles like high or low ponytails and even French braids over the sides of the head. Use curling iron over the hair ends in case your are wearing the hair straight down. If you are treating the hair with chemicals or heating tools they can cause damage. Always use heating tools with low setting and wrap the hair around it for just 10 seconds and not more than that.

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