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Nubian Knots Hairstyle


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Nubian knots can be created in two achieve different looks such as by curling the hair after taking out the knots and parted hairstyle that will have signature knots. You must get a little practice before creating this look at home as it can give a hard time for those who are doing for the first time. Just use this step for creating the Nubian knots with your hair.
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Wash the hair before starting the hairstyling and condition it in a proper way. Then divide the hair into various parts using a rat-tail comb and keep them separately using rubber bands. Then divide the hair parts into 2 strands for twisting it over each other. You must be able to twist the hair over itself from root till the end to make it look like a spring. Just tuck the hair ends under the coiled hair and keep the knots in place with bobby pins. Use the same technique on the other parts of your hair for creating the knots and use a blow dryer over the knots with medium heat. You can leave the hair with knots to remove it for creating a different kind of look. Once the hair becomes fully dry take the bobby pins out the knots and separate it individually. Maintaining this hairstyle is very important for keeping the knots perfectly over your head. Always wear a headscarf to cover the knots while going to sleep in the night.

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