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Taking Care Of Bonded Weaves


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A bonded hair weave can be included along with the natural hair to make it look longer. It can also add more texture in the hair which can be used for styling the hair in different ways. The bonded weaves are expected to stay on your hair for about 1-2 months. Avoid washing the hair too much as it can make the weaves to loosen a little bit and never leave it damp after washing. Use liquid glue sparingly to prevent damage to natural hair.
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First wash the hair using a shampoo at least on time during the week. It is important to wash the hair with a shampoo to make it tangles free. Comb the hair gently after shampoo washing it to take out the tangles. Use wide toothed comb for combing the hair and apply a little amount of oil. Always use a shower cap on the hair while going for swimming in the sea water and before entering into the swimming pool. Cover the head using a scarf before going to bed in the night to keep the hair in place or you can also create a small bun and secure it in place using a hair tie. Use only Weave glue that is good for your hair type and it can be purchased from beauty product stores. Try to use the glue on the weave to press loose track for few minutes till it gets bonded with your natural hair.

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