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Treating Chemical Burns After Hair Coloring


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Chemically colored hair can be harmful for most of the people as it can cause sever damage to the scalp. These types of problems must be take care immediately or it can become worse day by day. Most of them will go to a doctor for treating this problem, but you can deal with it by sitting at home. If you think the affected area is not manageable at home go to a physician to prevent sever damage to the hair and your scalp. This is one of the reasons that most of the people will get help from a hair specialist for treating their hair chemically and only few who are good at using chemicals for coloring their hair will do it at home.
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Take white vinegar along with cool water and mix it in a bottle. Try to mix this solution and keep the bottle about four inches away from your affected area on the scalp. Mist the area with the solution and cleanse it immediately which can help to provide a slight relief. Then pat it dry using a linen cloth and use a topical analgesic spray to mist all over the affected place. Try to keep it about four inches far away from the burnt area and also mist around the actual spot. Follow this process everyday till you feel that the problem has been taken care. Chemical burns after hair coloring must be taken care as soon as possible for better hair growth.

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