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Dealing With Overly Porous Hair


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Overly porous hair will look fragile and they are also prone to breakage. The porous hair will be lacking moisture which gives it a completely brittle look. It is important to care for an overly porous hair before you make it worse for maintaining the hair in a proper way. The hair can become porous due to various reasons like using chemical perms, sun damage, lack of conditioning and using hot styling tools. You must have lot of patience while dealing with overly porous hair as it cannot be treated immediately.
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The hair can also become porous due to chlorine that is normally found in swimming pools. The cuticles will not be able to hold the moisture in the hair if it becomes porous. Repairing broken hair shafts and cuticle is the best way for treating the hair to make it healthy. Use a shampoo with pH balance for washing the hair which can help to keep the natural oil in the hair without stripping it. Get protein treatments for treating the hair cuticles around these damaged areas. Always use colored semi-permanent hair rinse for adding the required protein in your hair and it also has the similar effect that is provided by the hair conditioners. A semi-permanent hair rinse can also help to change the hair color and make it look shiny. Use the hair products carefully after coloring your hair and select the products that can add more grip to the hair.

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