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Hairstyle With Silver Highlights


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Having a single toned color in your hair can make it look boring and it can be changed by highlight the hair with silver color. There are different hair coloring products which are available in the retail store that can be used for changing the look of your hair at home with the help of a friend.
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Get a bleaching kit and brush the hair using rat-tail comb for dividing it into one inch thick part. Use the bleach on your hair about half inch away from the scalp and keep a foil strip by folding it into half. Use the same process on the other parts of hair and leave about two inches gap in between the strands of hair. Leave the hair bleach on for about 45 minutes and take out the foil to check for your desire color. Give extra care while taking out the foil from your hair without pulling it hard. Then take about 1.5 ounces silver toner and three ounces volume developer for mixing it in an applicator bottle. Make sure that the toner has blue or a purple base. Start using the toner on the hair which was bleached when it is still damp after wearing hand gloves. Leave toner on the hair for around 15 minutes and rinse it using warm water as usual before applying a proper hair conditioner. Rinse the hair once again in the same after leaving the conditioner for about 10 minutes.

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