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Hairstyle With Weave Updo


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Weave updo is the latest hairstyle that can be created by every woman without going to a hairstylist. It is a simple way of styling the hair that can be worn for different occasions. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and the consumed to achieve this look is also very less when compared to other weaved hairstyle. Get assistance from a friend while styling the hair in this way because you will be needing support for holding the hair.
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To get this updo, first add a weave by braiding it in to the hair by parting it as horizontal sections from the back of the head. Try to braid the hair from back and move around the entire head. Then thread the sewing needle for sewing it into the braids at the back of the hair. You can simply cut the updo weave as per your desire to maintain its length. Start curling the weave to create spiral curls with the help of a curling iron and use your fingers to comb the curls. Twist the weave up at the back to create a simple bun and keep it secured on top of the head using bobby pins. Now you can style the weave updo as per your desire and make sure to secure it with proper tools. You can look in the mirror to check the updo has been created properly and try to adjust it with your fingers without using any tools.

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