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Making Your Hair Dead Straight


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Creating a dead straight hair is not as simple as it looks because you must use special styling techniques to do this. You must need lot of practice to make your hair dead straight without going to saloon. Many people want to make their hair straight, but they will manage it only for few minutes and the hair will start to take its own structure after sometime.
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First use creamy hydrating shampoo for washing the hair and apply a proper conditioner. Then pat the hair to make it dry using a towel and use a little amount leave-in oil in your palms to spread it throughout the hair from end to root of the hair. This will help to control the hair frizz and make the hair smooth. Now use a paddle brush for brushing the hair and secure the entire hair back by leaving just a small part of hair behind. Next blow dry this part of your hair along with a round brush and make sure that the nozzle points downward on the hair. Use the blow drying process on the other parts of the hair in the same way and mist it with heat-protectant hairspray. Now take the straightening iron with low setting and use it over the small parts of your hair. Just use a moderate pressure while using the straightening iron and clamping it hard can spoil the entire look. Complete your styling by blowing cool air from the blow dryer.

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