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Styling your Bangs Down


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Bangs can be styled in different ways to change the look of your hairstyle. You can also make the bangs to stick out directly down from your head to make it look stylish. The bangs can be styled in this way at a saloon but it can be difficult to keep them in the same way at home. Most of the people want to keep their bangs straight so that it is easier to maintain, but styling them in such a way is not so easy as you must have proper styling tools.
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Begin the process by washing your hair and blot your hair using a normal towel. Add a little amount of anti-frizz hair gel and heat-protectant hairspray to keep the hair healthy. Then blow dry the hair and keep the bangs separately. Then take the bangs for blow drying along with a paddle brush for making it lie flat on the forehead. If you want the bangs to have more volume, blow dry it with the help of a round brush. Try to dry the bangs completely and use a flat iron if you want to make the ends straight. Then apply a little amount of pomade or styling cream over the bangs to add more texture into it. This can help to keep the bangs straight in its place. Use your fingers to comb the hair and avoid using a hair brush as they can spoil the entire hairstyle.

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