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Hairstyle With Double End Dreads


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A double end dreadlock is the simple way of adding extension to your hair to achieve a voluminous look. You can use a synthetic dreadlock to achieve this look on temporary basis which can be removed whenever you want. Make sure that the length of your hair is around four inches long to create the double end dreadlocks. This hairstyle can be worn for about 3 weeks if you maintain it in a proper way.
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Start the hairstyle with a cleanly washed hair and take one inch section of hair from the middle of the head for dividing it into two different parts. Now keep your synthetic dreadlock in between these two parts so the first half hangs in between them and other half on top of the head. Secure middle of your dread to the hair at the opposite side in the middle part using the sectioning clip. Start braiding the hair strands along with dreads and keep it as the middle part. Use elastic band to keep the braid in place and then take out the other half of your dread for styling. Take the unbraided dread just straight down to make it lie alongside your braided dread. Use this method on the rest of your hair o end the styling. You can use a cooling spray all over the dreads if you braided them tightly. Wash the hair after tying the dreads up and don’t use a shampoo over the dreads.

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