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Lightening A Curly Hair


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Having a curly hair can be very difficult to maintain when compared to a straight hair as it will become dry very easily. There are different you can lighten your curly hair to make it look good. This one can be done at home with few simple styling techniques. Coloring the curly hair is known to be a difficult process that is normally doe at a saloon. If you are expert in coloring your own hair use the following method for doing it at home.
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Begin the styling process with the most important method such as getting a deep conditioning treatment once in two weeks on the curly hair. End the conditioning treatment at least three days before starting your coloring process. If you are not feeling comfortable to color the curly hair, go to a hairstylist for getting it done. Use a semi-permanent hair color on the curly hair because using the permanent color will contain hair damaging chemicals. While highlighting the curly hair do it with special attention and always use 2 shades brighter the hair color that you are expecting to achieve. The colored hair will usually look darker if it is curly as the curl will diffuse light making it appear less shiny. You can use semi-permanent gloss on the curly hair for making it look shiny without using a permanent hair color. The curly hair cuticles will not close completely which exposes the hair shaft easily making the color lighten quickly.

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