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Steps For Treating Weak Hair Naturally


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A weak hair can give a difficult time for most of them woman as the hair will look brittle and start to fall. There are different ways for treating this problem and it is better to select natural treatment while dealing with weak hair. One of the best ingredients for treating the weak hair naturally is using the apple juice which can help to cleanse and remove excess oil from the hair. You must mix the apple juice along with seaweed for moisturizing the hair to make it healthy as well as shiny.
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First take apple juice in a bowl and heat it for about 5 minutes with low setting. Then take the juice and slowly pour it in seaweed powder. Start stirring it gently till the apple juice gets mixed properly with the seaweed powder. Leave the mixture to become cool on its own and then pour it in a mist bottle. Use the bottle to spray the mixture all over the hair when it is still damp and leave it on for around half an hour better result. Now you can rinse the hair as per your desire without using any chemical products. Give your hair this treatment at least once in two weeks to make it healthy. The hair may become weak due to various reasons and knowing the correct reason is not so easy. You can use this method for treating the weak hair without damaging it further.

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