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Straighten Hair With Chi Thermal System


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Chi thermal straightening system is based on the Japanese straightening method that is used for making the hair straight. It features keratin, ionic as well as ceramic technology that helps to straighten the hair permanently. This system is usually used in a saloon as it is known to consume more time and also expensive.
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The chi thermal straightening system usually uses heat as well as chemicals that break into the natural disulfide bonds in the hair. These bonds help to keep the keratin in your hair. This system involves spraying hair with Chi Keratin mist before using the silk infusion serum and drying your hair. You must also use chemical solution to break disulfide bonds before rinsing the hair. It also has silk infusion as well as Chi conditioner that must be used on the hair before blow drying it as usual. The final step in this process is straightening the hair with high heat using Chi flat iron and applying a neutralizer. Next you must wash the hair and condition it before using the flat iron once again. This treatment has lot of benefits to your hair such as keeping the hair straight for more number of days and maintaining it also very less. Avoid getting the chi thermal treatment on a colored hair and even chemically relaxed hair must stay away from this technique. You can also use chi thermal protection hairspray and silk infusion for straightening the hair temporarily at home.

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