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Styling Hair With Curled Updo


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A curled updo is a hairstyle that can be worn for various events and most importantly for weddings. This style can be achieved with any type of hair, but make sure that the length of the hair at least medium to long. It can be created in very less time if your hair is naturally curly and using few simple styling tools. You can use the hot rollers for curling the hair which is straight and make sure to mist it with s heat protectant spray.
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Start the hairstyling with an unwashed straight hair and if have a curly hair try to make it straight with straightening iron. Then part the hair with a comb to create a ponytail near the midway over the back of the head. You can also twist the hair and keep the lower part in place using bobby pins. Make sure that your loose hair fall over your twisted part. Now separate the loose hair in your ponytail into four parts and curl each part of the hair as per your desire using hot rollers. Mist the hair with a volume-increasing spray which will help to keep the curls in place for a long time. Secure the curls using bobby pins around the hair twist and insert a hairpiece to make this hairstyle look amazing. At last spray a finishing hairspray all over the curls to make the hairstyle look firm and style it using your fingers.

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