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Hairstyle With Bump Bangs


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Creating Bump bangs has become very much popular among most of the women which also includes celebrities. The bump is easily created on the bangs which has about 3 inches hair towards take back of your head. You must be able to use the hairspray whenever possible to create this hairstyle perfectly and it important to use while pulling the hair at the back of your head. Make sure to brush the completely to make it tangle free which will be helpful during the styling process. Try to use your hands to achieve this look and stay away from other styling tools.
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Start the styling after brushing the bangs in front of the head and to take out the knots. Then pull the entire bangs in your hand and move it upward. Try to back tease your bangs around root area using a fine tooth comb to give a ratty look to the roots. Make sure to keep the bangs in your hand during this process and take it at the back over the crown on your head. Try to push it gently forward to make bump on top of the head to match the bangs. Use bobby pins or even jaw clips to keep the hair in place and mist all over the hair to end the styling process. In case you want to make a side bump, pull the hair on the left side of your head before securing it in place.

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