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Perming A Silver Hair


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A silver hair will be resistant to the perms as the hair cuticle layer will fail to absorb hair with the pigment. Usually chemicals will take longer to enter into your hair shaft and you must give additional time for the best perm results with silver hair. Here are few things that are important while perming the silver hair.
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First dry your hair using a towel after washing it with a mild shampoo. Next get the pre-perm treatment done on your hair which will be useful in caring the hair after the chemical process. Do the strand test as per the manufacturer instruction to know how much time it may consume and to find there are any reactions. Then separate your hair into four different sections and twist each of them to secure it in place using clips. Now take the hair strands to place the perm paper over it by folding it into half. Try to roll the strands at the tip of perm paper and around perm rod to make it rest over the scalp. Use this technique on the rest of the sections. Use the perm activating solution on each perm rods and leave it as per the time mentioned by the manufacturer. Then take out the perm solution from the hair by rinsing it using warm water. Remove the perm rods gently from your hair and rinse it again. Spread a conditioner that is provided along with the perm kit.

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