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Rolled Micro Braid Using Flexirods


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Rolled micro braids are the best way to get a flat look with any type of hair. It can be styled as per your desire to make it suitable for the occasion you are planning to wear this hairstyle. Try to keep the hair and your scalp moisturized to keep them healthy without getting damaged. Here is a way that can be used for creating rolled micro braids with the help of flexirods. You must feel comfortable for using the flexirods on the hair or go to a hair specialist if you have any doubt to prevent any damage to the natural hair.
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First take a small part of your hair and use a medium amount of moisturizer all over it. If you want to create vertical curls, make a lengthwise part in your hair and make a square part for creating horizontal curls. Then cover the hair at the bottom with a flexirod and roll it toward the scalp to make it sit firmly on top of the head. Fold the sides of your flexirod til gets set in place secured properly. Now take another part of your hair to use the same method with the flexirod. Leave the flexirod to set in the hair overnight or use a hooded dryer for about half an hour to make it set. Try to take out the flexirod from each part of the hair and use your fingers to gently brush the hair.

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