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Steps To Straighten Hair Using Herbs


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Those who have problems in maintaining their hair they can just make it straight. A straight is the best solution for maintaining a messy or frizz hair. There are different ways that is followed for straightening the hair and the easiest method is using herbs as they can prevent hair from getting damaged. There are various herbs that can be sued for straightening the hair which includes calendula, rose geranium, rosemary, sandalwood, chamomile, lavender and more.
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To make your hair straight, first take one of the herbs for boiling it along with water for about 30 minutes and add vinegar to make a conditioner. Use this mixture on the hair after washing it and don’t rinse the hair. Another option is using this herb conditioner after mixing it with milk instead of vinegar. Just mist the hair with this mixture when the hair is dry and brush it using wide-tooth comb. This technique can make your hair look straighter as well as softer. You can also try to use fresh coconut milk along with lime juice and mix it along with essential oil. Keep the mixture in a refrigerator to make it thick enough for massaging it over the scalp as well as hair. Cover your hair using a towel and leave it on for about one hour. Then wash the hair using a normal shampoo which makes the hair straight if you do it at least three times in a week.

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